Snapchat Feature Announced Before It Is Working Properly

Why is this important?

Our kids believe that if a social media site or app tells them that something is private, safe or going to delete, then they can trust that will happen.

Snapchat sent out a message to it’s users last night, letting them know that if they say something in a chat and then change their mind, they can press and hold the message and they will get the option to delete what was said.

They even asked users to send them a message to practice deleting a comment.

This feature doesn’t work yet. (…at the time of posting this article)

Social media sites, game companies and app developers are just like every other company. They create features and sometimes they work seamlessly – sometimes they don’t.

So, the moral of the story is – don’t trust them to always get things right. Don’t trust them to protect your privacy. Take your safety in your own hands and make sure you’ve engaged every opportunity to protect yourself, from applying good security settings, to thinking before you post.

1. Secure Your Accounts Properly
2. Think before you add anything to social media or chat programs
3. Test features before you trust that they will back you up.