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Get To Know Dan and Tricia Munn


Tricia Munn has just one goal. To protect school aged children, families and adults from the widespread dangers that exist on social media networks.

Through personal experience, years of diligent research and investigation, Tricia has identified critical problems in the security functions provided on all major social media platforms.

Bullies, predators and harassment have flourished on social media and Tricia has discovered that poorly understood security settings are enabling the worst forms of online behaviour.

Not satisfied to have simply discovered the depth of the problem, Tricia has worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive solution to very harmful anti-social behaviour online.

Tricia’s unique solution has been embraced by schools around Australia and, for the very first time, is now available to every family through a series of low cost, time-efficient online courses.

Tricia’s dream is to help every family keep their children safe on social media while they are still able to enjoy the tremendous relationships to be had online.


After a long and successful career working as an exercise physiologist and health researcher, Dan Munn was well and truly bitten by the social media safety bug when he met his spirited wife-in-waiting, Tricia.

A passionate marriage lead to a passionate career pivot with Dan taking the helm as Eyes Open Social Media Safety’s chief of Research and Development.

A father of five children and primary carer to their gorgeous three-year-old, Dan is perpetually motivated to bring the issue of social media safety into the hearts and minds of every Australian school and family.

As the holder of an esteemed Masters of Research, Dan is wholly committed to driving deep into the issues of online bullying, harassment, predators, identity theft and poor digital footprints.

But most importantly Dan seeks the most effective solutions to a constantly evolving problem that creates an unsafe social media world for children and families everywhere.

Dan wants everyone to know exactly how to protect themselves on all major social media platforms. He is integral to Eyes Open Social Media Safety in delivering this message to schools and to the development of its new series of cheap and effective online courses for families.


We want to see every Australian school and every Australian family educated, about how to easily and effectively protect themselves, from dangerous social media relationships and interactions, which can have immediate and long term consequences. Consequences that can’t always be undone.

eyes open social media safety

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children.

EOSMS courses

eyes open courses are created for children and teenagers. They learn how to better protect themselves, while learning fun, new ways to use the social media sites they love so much!

safety keys

  • What puts children at risk;
  • Things to avoid; and
  • How children can protect themselves