How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Online Courses for Schools

Eyes Open Social Media Safety online courses for schools, incorporate:

  • 3 x in-class, teacher facilitated lessons;
  • 6 x take-home, online lessons; and
  • exact instructions as to HOW students can increase the security on the social media sites that they are using.

Learning how to better manage their social media accounts, empowers your students to control their experience.  This means less social media associated issues for schools to deal with, reduced risk for your students and empowering students to navigate cyberbullying.  Our course also teaches the students to completely secure and tidy up their social media accounts, which contributes to your BRAND MANAGEMENT efforts for the school.

This course will teach students how to manage their:

  • Profile;
  • Security;
  • Interactions with others; and
  • Unintentional information distribution

Teacher facilitated lessons:

These lessons are designed in line with the Australian Curriculum, to generate targeted discussion within the classroom environment about safer social media use and responsible digital citizenship.  There is no requirement for teachers to have prior understanding of social media, as all information required to conduct successful lessons is provided.  Teachers are provided with:

  • Access to discussion generating videos for each lesson;
  • Resource list
  • Succinct activities, providing options for students who are not yet using social media sites

Take-home Lessons for Students:

Eyes Open Social Media Safety online lessons provide extended education for students about the specific features on social media sites that can put a child at risk.  Each subject in the course is focused on a specific feature of the social media sites and teaches: 

  • what the feature is;
  • how it puts a child a risk; and
  • how to apply the security settings on the specific social media sites that they use, to reduce the risk in this area.

Eyes Open Social Media Safety programs are approved by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

For more information on how your school can take advantage of this program, email [email protected]

eyes open social media safety

Using the settings on social media sites to increase your security without limiting your fun!