Social Media Safety – How to secure your Instagram, Snapchat and Accounts
Workshop is held at:
Eyes Open Social Media Safety Boardroom, Spring Hill, Brisbane

Workshops available every 2nd Monday of the Month, from Monday 12th June 2017 – Workshops between 4pm and 6pm – see ticket types for classes

Starting or securing your Facebook account, Instagram SnapChat and and how to manage your privacy and digital footprint moving forward

These are the workshops where you bring the children and a laptop and we get right into the details of account settings and which social networking sites are best for your family.  We will walk through how to:

  • Choose age-appropriate forums for your child to use
  • Secure your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Set notifications to alert you to activities you need to keep an eye on
  • Monitor your younger child’s use, from within Facebook, inside their account and remotely (suggestions only, for parents of younger users)
  • Ensure you understand how to maintain privacy and a good digital footprint moving forward
  • Responsibilities of posting on social networking

These workshops are interactive and you will have the chance to discuss the issues that your family are currently facing.  You will leave the session with a sound knowledge and the tools to make confident decisions regarding your child’s and your own social media use.

Parents with younger children welcome to come alone to secure their accounts and learn in order to help their children when they are older.
Bookings essential – class sizes limited.