LinkedIn is a Professional Social Networking site, where you can connect with your professional network to build and maintain relationships, demonstrate expertise and promote your business.  Connecting in the business world also gives you the ability to refer contacts and have referrals extended to you.  It must be a priority for you, however, to ensure that you are making referrals, not having  your customer-base poached by your contacts.

EOSMS have created a course to show you how to effectively secure your LinkedIn account to protect yourself and also offer education on what security settings you should look to apply and why.  If you are in a hurry though, you can just race through and secure your account, then come back when you have time to learn more about ongoing security.

The EOSMS LinkedIn lessons will be launched on Saturday 17th June 2017.  You can advance purchase here today and get immediate access to the main course lessons (which teach you about starting your safer social media journey, what security settings you need to look for and why you should apply those types of settings) and then your HOW TO lessons for LinkedIn will be applied automatically on your account when they launch.

To learn about safer interactions and protecting yourself on LinkedIn we give you:

  • 6 lessons
  • 2 hours of learning (including learning what they possible risks are, what security settings will help to reduce those risks and how they help to reduce the risks)
  • 45 minutes of “HOW TO” lessons, to assist with applying the settings;
  • lessons on things that you might do, that might put you at greater risk; AND
  • ways that you can still achieve the outcomes you are looking for on LinkedIn, without the added risk!

In under 3 hours time you could be enjoying a much safer and much more positive LinkedIn experience!

Note: The course is designed to teach you what settings to look for on social media sites, so, in some cases, if there is not an actual security setting on the site you are using (that we believe you need) we have provided another way of achieving the same outcome as some sites settings offer.  In other words – we’ve got you there a tricky way! 🙂

This means, you are learning about security settings in general AND what the site you are using may be lacking.   ….AND you are securing your account as best as can possibly be done!  HOORAY!

Purchase of this course gives you three months access to complete the course and full access to our members area, where you will see any updates and extra information on general social media safety issues.

People come to the school and tell us not to post and what happens if your do etc, but you showed us what to do, so we can still post but fully understand how to best protect ourselves.

Charlotte E


…I learnt the importance of securing my social media profiles and how I could easily do it. The workshops were very easy to understand, explaining step by step how to apply it in my Facebook.  Read full testimonial here

Catalina Adarme-Vega. PhD

Course Participant

After leaving the workshop, not only was I better equipped to clean up my own Facebook page, but I have started working with carers to take more responsibility for the social media use of the children and young people I work with.


Counsellor, UnitingCare Community


eyes open social media safety

Using the settings on social media sites to increase your security without limiting your fun!